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General Renting Rules

  • Pay your rent on time

  • Keep the property clean, tidy and undamaged

  • keep to the terms of your tenancy agreement

  • repsect your neighbours right to peace and quiet

  • if you are renting a unit, please refer to your body corporate by-laws for further requirements.

Rent Arrears

We understand that sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances that result in rent not being paid on time. If your rental payments are going to be delayed, please contact our office to discuss. It is important that all of our tenants are aware of the process involved for rent arrears.

Routine Inspection

The property will be inspected approximately every 3 months. Information relating to the inspection and notice of entry will be sent out a minimum of 7 days prior to your email address. You will receive and SMS to notify you of the inspection.

One the day, we will be inspecting the premises to ensure the property is being well maintained and to identify any repairs or maintenance that need to be addressed. We also take photos to identify issues and to show the landlord. 

Maintenance and Repairs

all requests for general repairs and maintenance are to be provided in writing either via email, your tenant portal or text message. Provide as much details as possible as well as authorisation to access the property for the repairs to be done as soon as possible.

Trouble Shooting Guide

Hot Water Systems
•    Is the power switched on?
•    Has the power box tripped the safety switch?

•    Has the power box tripped the safety switch?
•    Have the bulbs been replaced?

•    Has the power box tripped the safety switch?
•    If the safety switch has been tripped, reset and if it trips again you will need to unplug all appliances from the power points. Reset the switch and re-plug each of the items one at a time to identify what is causing the problem.
•    (PLEASE NOTE: If an electrician is called out to a property and it is discovered that a faulty appliance is the cause, the tenant will be responsible for the call out fee)

•    Has the power box tripped the safety switch or blown a fuse?
•    Clean filter
•    Have remote batteries been replaced?

Blocked Drains
•    Have you cleared the drain of any hair and soap build up?
•    Have you tried using a plunger?
•    Have you tried clearing the drains with specific cleaning agents for drains (Draino/CLR etc)?

Please note that should any of the troubleshooting not be undertaken prior to the repair, the repair costs will be payable by the tenant.

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