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Professional Photography 

We don’t list properties without a professional photographer on our team.  We don’t do photo’s on our phones and we can’t express how important it is to get good images of your property inside and out.  Nowadays, everyone has been through your property online before they’ve even set foot in your front door. 

Our photographer doesn’t just get in and get out, he commits to getting you the best images possible for your property, regardless of how long it takes.  Our photographers are experts in their field and passionate about the difference their work makes to market your property.  

Open Home Strategy
We ‘open’ your home on a regular basis to ensure potential renters have access at a convenient time ensuring we can capitalise on the availability of desirable tenants.  We will also ensure your interested parties will be followed up in a timely manner, providing invaluable insight and feedback regarding your property.  

Onsite Signage
Placement of street signage is a simple yet incredibly effective method of letting people know your investment is available.

Online Presence:
The place we will achieve most online exposure is via  There are a myriad of listing websites in the market however we use only the market leader as they have complete market domination.  Not all sites are equal and we have aligned ourselves with after careful and detailed research analysis.

Premium listings get your property noticed

While it is crucial that you list on, it is also important that we consider how easily you will be noticed.  We only recommend premium property for our clients to ensure your property is rented as soon as possible.

Social Media Tools
As a part of our multi-layered approach to marketing your property online, we also pay special attention to social media.  Paid (sponsored) social media is the biggest under utilised tool in the real estate industry and we utilise this to target key demographics ie. family, occupation, age, suburb etc.

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