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We are your personal Property Boss and we are at your service!  At HM Property Partners, we embody our title of Property Boss and we take our job seriously.  We run the show, use our initiative and while we won’t bother you with ridiculous stuff, we will keep you informed and abreast of anything as necessary, deferring to you when it’s needed.  

To us, PROPERTY BOSS, means we have our finger on the pulse; we don’t take crap from tenants, we follow up with trades, we thoroughly vet applicants, we follow processes to the enth degree yet are flexible and creative in finding solutions when that’s what’s needed.  

HM Property Partners is built on no BS - we are accountable, transparent, committed; and we look forward to working with you. look forward to serving you.

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Head Honcho / Boss Lady / Founder & Owner


Vanessa (aka TAXCHIC) is our head honcho and loves to think outside the box, solving clients problems before they knew they even existed. Vanessa is highly educated with a double degree in Accounting and Financial Advice, she is articulate, easy to communicate with and loves nothing more than seeing her clients succeed. Our clients enjoy her frank, open and candid style as she oversees the property operations ensuring landlords receive first class service.

Vanessa is a great resource on our property team always getting involved if there is a challenging situation. Running a tight ship, Vanessa rarely gets involved operationally, but rather works strategically on the business, always improving processes and innovating. She also loves to work on the big picture with clients and discuss how their property portfolio fits into their big plan. Vanessa loves to travel, she can't stand people not returning their shopping trolley and somehow loves chocolate but hates chocolate ice cream!


HM Property Partners is a part of the larger HM Group founded by Vanessa Mendes and Kym Hocking. As a sister company to HM Business Partners and HM Financial Partners, we are passionate about taking care of our clients’ entire financial futures.  But don’t hold being Accountants and Financial Advisers against us, this means that your property and finances are in good hands and managed by educated, experienced and professional women who know what they’re doing.

Our REIQ Accredited property division is best of breed and was born with a fierce passion for service and simply taking care of business for you.  Vanessa and Kym over the years have had more than their fair share of property manager horror stories and this is why we do what we do.  At HM Property Partners we are on a mission to disrupt the real estate industry, to bring back service, to manage your assets professionally and to give you absolute peace of mind. 

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